Hi to our LYRICAL and HIPHOP students!


Here you'll find all information for MONDAY 16th DEC Water Shoot - fullfilling the second of four elements (FIRE, WIND, WATER, METAL).


Our location has been confirmed at Corbans Estate, with our talented Makeup Artist Aimee Paterson, incredible Videographer Rafael Bonatto , Event Manager Tess, and  Choreographer Kimberley James on site with you on the night. 

Fees cover our videographer, photographer, makeup, lights, hair, costume/material, and location and you'll be transformed for the brief.


See moodboard belwo, and previous student shoots over the past 2 years, to the left 👈🏻


Please click on SHOOT FEES to get this all paid up this week, and check out our instagram to see how the FIRE shoot went two weekends ago 🙌🏼 We can't wait to make more (ground breaking) magic with you!!​

Tess Denyer - Event Manager

Kimberley James - Shoot Director

Jaymee Cottle - ADC Manager

The Team at ADC HQ


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