Congratulations on being identified as a candidate of The Auckland Dance Company Development Squad (Elite Group).

We think you have what it takes to represent the company in classes, our internal shows and events, and events throughout the year.


Squad Member Qualities:


Star Potential

Unique Dance Personality



Ability to work well in a Team

Individual charisma 

Dance Potential and Talent across a number of Styles

Work Ethic


Some or all of these qualities have been recognised within you, and we expect you to WORK, continue and maintain these qualities as you grow and evolve with us.

ADC endeavour to further develop and create opportunities for members as performers and dancers that may not have otherwise been available, within this unique platform.

Past Squad members have been involved in not only our internal end of year RISE Shows, but also shot and appeared in multiple ADC promotional videos, with amazing opportunities performing for PEPSI, The Breakers at Spark Arena, The Bledisloe Cup, The Radio Network, Air New Zealand and Flight Centre at Spark Arena , Fashion Shows for Calvin Klein, Miss World New Zealand, and many more over the previous years. We also have upcoming gigs for the Lions Rugby Tours, GABS and much more. 


Opportunities are not available without a lot of hard work, passion, dedication, commitment and versatility and dancers are expected to work to the height of their ability in every session. All of our choreographers and teachers have been working hard in the creative industry for over a decade to be able to provide dancers with these potential opportunities, and we hope to mentor and pass down the extensive knowledge and experience that we have, to a new generation of dancers – opportunities that we ourselves never had, and would have loved to have when we were starting out in the industry. This opportunity and invite should thus be treated with respect, dedication, and loyalty.


Being a member in the ADC Development Squad requires both a financial, physical commitment and this invite indicates that our team have faith that you are going to be an important member and part of ADC's future. Through hard work and potential performance opportunities your talent will be honed, developed and showcased the more you work. Any insecurities or weaknesses as a dancer/performer that you may have, will be developed, worked on and turned into strengths – that is our aim, with past success, evident in our videos and shoots of dancers who started out at various levels of ability - some as complete beginners. 


Squad Course Format:


Members are expected to commit 100% as you will become faces of the ADC brand. Students and dancers will see you leading in class,  in the potential spotlight, in campaign shoots - if the opportunity arises, performances, photos and videos. Newer dancers and potential students will look up to you no matter how much work you feel like you still need to do - so you are expected to lead by example at all times. More on this in class.


Squad choreographies are developed to be performable or near perfection so squad is not run like other classes where you may learn multiple sets over a short period of time, without much polishing. We expect members to attend a minimum of two regular term classes alongside squad when possible. You will thus be recommended a course of action specific to you and your development each term.


We expect passion, dedication, motivation and awareness of your role. Missing two or more sessions of class will exclude you from future video and performance opportunities unless specifically organised with management (Tessa - Privacy contracts are issued in week one or two to our members to be signed and returned on induction. There are specific regulations and responsibilities for their individual social media channels. Any other questions can be directed to Management, via email More info in the contract.



$325 for the 1.5-2 hours x 8 week term which can be paid through Namastream (16 - 20 hours duration approx).

Balances can be paid here if you have already trialled.


  • Some personal training/group work; if management deems it applicable for the group at the time (intensity dependant on what Squad needs to work on in that week – ie some weeks will be working to a choreographic deadline or performance and time restraints will not permit PT).


  • Fees can include makeup, hair, costume and rehearsal fees for shows/vids/gigs that may come up for the duration of the course only (shoot or show dependent), as well as choreography/venue fees/instruction within that course. Due to the nature of the past year with Covid, budget restraints may prevent this, in which case dancers are expected to be able to do their own performance makeup. There will be workshops on this if management deem necessary.

  • Please note: Squad is mutually exclusive of other classes so fees for hair, makeup and costume will apply for non-squad performances (mid year and RISE shows, Shoots etc) if squad dancers are also involved in the regular term classes or doing no-squad choreographies.  


NB: Performances are a privilege and not a right, and our management will regularly check up on Squad members, whether in rehearsal or via video. No diva-like behaviour, negativity, gossip or other behaviour will be tolerated in any classes and members are expected to maintain a respectful, mature level of behaviour in class, over social media, and in real life with each other, and within our dance community.  Smoking, drugs, bitching, backstabing and swearing will not be permitted and will be monitored carefully. Written warnings will be given out to those who are failing to meet behavioural standards, and those who receive 2 warnings will be asked to leave.


Fees also cover any potential video or photoshoots that may come up throughout that term (shoots and events are not always guaranteed for all members and are dependent on what is being released through the ADC channels, often offered to Squad Members who have participated in more squads and have been members for a reasonable period of time). These opportunities are rare, exclusive and should be held in high esteem.


Induction into Squad also includes possibilities to work towards potential dance work within the industry and learning choreography that will be potentially used again throughout the year in performances, etc. Again, only those members who have worked hard, and are prepared and ready from a management, choreographer, and client perspective will be chosen for gigs. The only guaranteed way to get these gigs is to work hard, solidly, develop your skill/flexibility within dance styles, and your ability to learn choreography quickly and fit into different dance situations easily. This does not come without effort, commitment and work on your part. 


Corporate functions and work are not always guaranteed due to the nature of the industry and should not be part of your main focus. Enjoy the journey, the support and the amazing people you will meet, be consistent, reliable, and dedicated, and you will go far.


Other considerations:


Each Development Squad member is inducted after careful consideration by our choreographers, management and event team. All members are expected to maintain a high standard of fitness, physicality, nutrition, and level of skill dance-wise (including staying flexible, versatile in all necessary styles - particularly Burlesque, Hip Hop & Lyrical) and will be reviewed throughout the term. Squad includes some personal training, makeup tips, specific nutrition advice and injury prevention for dancers on request, mentorship on stage presence, tips on how to behave and shine within the industry, potential opportunities to perform, potential opportunities to appear in ADC dance videos and represent the company in a public forum. All are expected to represent the company to a high standard, and of course dance and perform to the best of their abilities at all times, and be present in necessary rehearsals, and commit to the course.

NB: No-shows and class absences will not be refunded. All students are responsible for their own attendance and expected to maintain a high level of commitment. Any requested changes in enrolment will be issued at Management's discretion, and administration fees will apply. ADC believes in dedication, commitment and focus.  

Health & Safety

ADC bears no responsibility for injuries sustained during class. All students understand that they are partaking in a physical activity and will take the necessary personal precautions to protect themselves from injury wherever possible. Our choreographers will do all they can to help make the classes as comfortable as possible for you, should you have injuries, but these must be stated clearly to prior to each class you attend.

Each ADC class expects our students to do their own warm-ups on their own prior to class. Classes are a phone-free zone for all students, to allow all participants to be present in each class. ADC Choreographers and ADC HQ reserve the right to film for polishing/promotional purposes. 

No class videos will be distributed apart from those over ADC's social media, due to copyright and management rules, unless with management permission. Please allow a potential 10-15 minutes crossover period before/after class. Those who are waiting for their next class are expected to practise and help/talk to others in the class, to prepare for their next group dance session, before class begins.

Media Sharing

We strongly encourage sharing of our media over your channels to amplify the brand. Any media must be signed off prior by management (Deesha ) if it has not already been shared over ADC's channels previously. We will tag you accordingly. Any media approved and shared by you must also be tagged accordingly @aucklanddanceco #ADCofficial

We look forward to having you. You absolutely shine, and we can't wait to help you shine further.



The Auckland Dance Company Management Team

Jaymee Cottle (Management)

Tessa Lambert (ADC Headquarters)

Kimberley James (Creative Director/Lead Choreographer)

Lisa Zheng (ADC HQ)

Anastasia Danilova (ADC Accounts)

Nicole Barnett (ADC Reception)

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