It's no secret: The Auckland Dance Company loves Michael Jackson. We're kind of obsessed. We can't help it. He's a legend (and the reason why most of us became dancers in the first place). In fact, he's the reason why most DJs are DJs, musicians are musicians, and why most dancers are dancers.. So, we figured - what better way to immortalise the King Of Pop, then by teaching future dance generations how to dance like him?


The Crotch Grab, the Moonwalk, the Smooth Criminal Lean, and all of his other quintessential moves. Piece them together to famous tracks like Love Never Felt So Good, The Way You Make Me Feel (floor work included), Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal; and emulate the true King of Pop – inspired by the ‘This Is It’ MJ movie and his countless videos and performances, we pay tribute to our muse! Sequinned glove, white socks, jerry curl, short black pants and fedora hat not included.


MJ Hens Nights, private lessons and performances available for hire now. Contact us at events@aucklanddance.co.nz for more details! Our MJ class is pictured right, performing "You Rock My World" at our Libertine Cabaret. See full album here, or view ADC's past MJ performances here - including our Smooth Criminal vid that recently just hit 105,000 views worldwide, our MJ "Remember the Time" Tribute (currently sitting at 85,000 views, and our latest tribute video to the MTV 1995 Awards performance "Dangerous"

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