RISE: 2020 STRONGER Important Dates

Hello amazing cast members! What a year it has been but we are so, so happy to be able to 100% confirm that RISE: 2020 STRONGER will be performed at TAPAC Theatre on Sunday the  15th of November! Please make a note of the following dates:

Wednesday 4th: Classes as normal

Thursday 5th: Classes as normal

Friday 6th: All That Jazz, 7pm, Kingsland


Saturday 7th: Burlesque (Good Kisser, Problem, Spell On You) 12pm-2pm, Kingsland

Saturday 7th: Hiphop (RNP, Stuck on You, Son of a Gun) 3pm-4pm, TAPAC

Saturday 7th: Squad, 5pm-7pm, TAPAC


Sunday 8th: This Is Me, 4pm-6pm, Kingsland

Sunday 8th: Lyrical (Shallow, Never Tear Us Apart, Falling), 6pm-7:30pm, Kingsland


Monday 9th: Blocking Rehearsal (no lights or costume), 5:30pm-late, TAPAC

Tuesday 10th: Full Dress Rehearsal with lightings, 5:30pm-late, TAPAC

Wednesday 11th: Classes as normal

Thursday 12th: Classes as normal

Friday 13th: Back up rehearsals if needed

Saturday 14th: Back up rehearsals if needed

Sunday 15th: Shows at 2pm and 7pm, I will send out a separate email with call times next week. 

It is very important that you attend the rehearsals at TAPAC, for your safety you must know your way around the stage and theatre. Lots of team work, patience, and cooperation (and food) will be needed which I know you all have already!

Fire away your questions to:

Tessa Denyer

ADC Events Manager


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