Hi to the ADC Students of 2019!

Auckland Dance Company presents  "RISE: 10" Show, which marks 10 years of RISE - we are so excited for you to be a part of the incredible journey with us. 


ADC will be looking back and celebrating as well as blazing ahead - alongside ADC alumni, past and present dancers, and special guests from across the ten years.


None of this would be happen without you all being a part of it.

If this is your first show please talk to others about their first show experience so you can get a feel for how it might be for you! 

RISE:10 will be on Saturday October 19th at The Pumphouse Theatre.  This year we will also be holding a dress rehearsal on venue at the Pumphouse on Thursday 17th October 2019. Other rehearsals leading up to the show will be on the same nights as your usual classes, in the two weeks in between classes end, and show!

Check out footage from our Rise: Illuminate show last year 2018 here. Full of students just like you - with beginners and advanced dancers alike, working together and supporting each other.




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The Creative

See links to all info top left. These will be continuously updated across the next two weeks, as the show is built and the news comes to hand from our various creative teams (costume, stylists, makeup etc).

What is expected/rehearsals


The shows (which are not compulsory, but highly recommended and a hugely exciting and unique experience 😉) will have scheduled rehearsals for each dance set to get rehearsed and polished, ready for the stage.

PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON OUR LIVE CALENDAR FOR CONFIRMED UPDATES ON REHEARSALS AS THEY COME TO HAND  - click here for more and to see it on our Timetable and Live Calendar Page.


Venue rehearsals will be on Thursday October 17th in the evening, to get all the positioning sorted, as well as rehearsals leading up to the show on your usual nights of class at the same approx times (or a little longer if there needs to be additional work done on your particular group set). There will be the possibility of a one off Saturday and a one off Sunday the week after, opening up in the coming weekends, in the afternoon/early evening, for those that would like to catch up with each other and practise at the hall with each other. 


This will need to be done through headquarters@aucklanddance.co.nz /group chats and also with students being proactive on their own and with each other (eg. Lucie talks to Katy who talks to Alyse who all want to do more work on "Haunted" and they email headquarters to tell Tess that they're all available Saturday afternoon or Tuesday early evening to run it together - would the hall be open?). etc This helps our team immensely , as we are co-ordinating hundreds of students and multiple performances with different people needing support in different sets, at different times, with different schedules. We will do what we can to ensure everyone is accomodated, but there needs to be proactiveness from students within their own groups first, to help us achieve greatness.

If possible, we ask all performers to remain proactive and keep Thursday 17th and the Friday/Saturday of the show available as much as possible. This will also benefit you, as you'll get more venue time/stage time to help you mentally prepare.


 The rehearsal times/dates and opening up of Kingsland in the coming weekends if needed are for each performance to feel as prepared as possible on the stage, and will be done so if a group needs it!

You will be expected to have a base costume (generally things you have at home - eg. black leggings, black singlets etc) to serve as a base for each costume that has been built specifically for the show by our talented Costume people. More specifics for each class coming soon. Costume will be built for you and 


**Our Event Team will need notification of whether you wish to perform in the show and for
which classes by September 30th - please email
headquarters@aucklanddance.co.nz.  This is so we can organize costuming, blocking/positioning, makeup looks, hair, and set list, plus order performances for those on stage multiple times (!) -- most of you 🔥).  These fees can be paid through our website here.


All fees are to be paid by 11th October. Anyone who does not pay their fees by this
date will unfortunately not be able to perform. If you have any queries please email accounts@aucklanddance.co.nz to discuss your options.


Tickets are now on sale here, and selling fast.

We are super excited to build this show with you, and showcase your hard work. Let's work together and make this show the best yet.


The ADC Event Team
Tessa Denyer - Event Manager
Lisa Zheng - Accounts/Ticketing
Kimberley James - Creative Director/Show Director
Jaymee Cottle - Management

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