Kenny (pictured right) is a manager within the Digital Team at Air New Zealand. He is ADC's Business Mentor. Meeting with Lisa, Tess & Kimberley every 3 months to ensure the company is on track. Kenny sets ADC's overall goals and is a savvy businessman with a passion for Team Management.


Tess is lead for ADC Headquarters and Staff Management. She helps to structure the company, organise the staff, sets tasks, and move ADC forward.


Tess has been involved behind the scenes and in the Squad since 2017, performing at GABS and shooting PRAYING, RIGHT BY YOU, and SWEET CHILD all releasing over 2018.

Any tardiness or absence should be reported to Tess.


Zinnia has been part of the team since 2016. She has an innate knowledge of movement, colour, musicality, and edit, and helps to drive ADC's media forward.

Spearheading our Insta page and working on design and edits, Zinnia has also helped redesign  the ADC website.

Contact Zin for most logo's and digital watermarks.




Jaymee is the Structural Manager of ADC with the company's big picture in mind. Her strengths lie in goal projection and fulfilment, as well as organising and structuring staff systems to ensure we are all on track.

Any questions about your contract and ADC systems, go to Jaymee. Meeting with the company each Wednesday, Jaymee will be on site to review all staff and make sure everyone is fulfilling deadlines.


Kim is the face of the company and teaches majority of classes at ADC. She is the lead choreographer and an experienced and passionate director.


She directs the message and intention of ADC's media, choreography, and the culture of the team.


She oversees all creative - including media tone, show themes, dance styles and song choice

The team's job is to organise, structure and help to facilitate and bring forth the visual around Kimberley's strong creative vision.


Rafael Bonatto is our Head Videographer and Photographer and has been part of every shoot and show since ADC's fruition, including the Lake Tekapo Campaign, 1950s at The Fed, Misery, Mid Winter Cabaret, Right By You, and STAY. 


He is an integral part of the ADC family and a hugely respected member of the photographic and videography community in NZ.

Rafa helps lead ADC forward from a tech perspective and has set us up with our internal cloud system, and kept the tech side of things on the digital forefront. 


James is an advisor to the company, operating at many levels. James has MC'd multiple shows, been on set for almost all ADC shoots, has been backstage manager for all RISE shows and has trained the SQUAD for multiple fitness sessions, personalising intense routines for each member.


He knows the business, and the structure of ADC, and is advisor to our Management Team.


Lisa is our day -to-day Accounts person (reporting to Michelle at our larger Accounting Firm Biz-Co Holdings).


Lisa handles all payments, budgets, and authorises the money side of ADC. She handles all ticketing for shows and rolls.


A part of ADC since 2016, she has shot MISERY with the ADC Squad, performed at GABS, our Bluestone MidWinter Showcase, and organised all ticket sales for Zeal and RISE. 


Lisa runs all money related aspects of ADC. Nothing gets bought or paid for without Lisa's permission and she is who you need to report to with anything money related. She will be chasing up your owings for classes should anyone fail to complete their cross credit task and paying your wages.  Timesheets will come through to both Tess and Lisa to check and ensure your hours are accurate and correct, before payment each month.


Alex and his team have shot behind the scenes of SWEET CHILD, ZEAL, RISE 2016, and editied MISERY, MISSY MASHUP, EARTH SONG, BIRD SET FREE and has worked closely with our Creative Director Kimberley on many ADC projects.

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