Thank you to all of our students & clients that have emailed/messaged us with feedback - here are some of our favourite testimonials! 

ADC truly appreciate all of those who take the time to offer their feedback

Please see some of our favourite testimonials, below: 

Jen (Nina's Mother) - NINA (14yrs) Private Lesson Student 


"Hi Kimberley, Ali, Hannah, Sophie & the ADC team,

I just wanted to say how incredible RISE2016 was last night. I also wanted to let you know how grateful we are for all the effort you have put into helping Nina. Seeing her use her body as a vehicle to express herself through dance and seeing her self-confidence grow has been a dream come true. The fact she not only performed in six dances but stood there in front of an audience and shared her very personal story is just short of a miracle. 


Her anxiety hasn't been cured, it's likely she will always have to live with it, but her ability to not let it stop her living her life has grown in strength. It takes incredible courage for Nina to do these things in the face of an all-consuming, uncontrollable fear. The fact she was brave enough to feel that intense anxiety and push through and do it anyway is testament to Nina's strength and courage and the incredible efforts of Kimberley, Ali and every member of the Auckland Dance Company. You have been such positive role models and so kind, welcoming and fun.


I was trying to get to sleep last night after the excitement of the show and I was struck by the tenuousness of it all. Imagine if Nina hadn't managed to drag herself out of the car that day. Imagine if Kimberly hadn't been the amazing, unstoppable force of positive energy and determination that she is. I can tell you Nina would be in a very different place today. The truth is you all, in your own ways, some of them small, some of them big, have changed the course of someone's life for the better. You have ignited a spark in my daughter and I hope it'll start a fire that will light her through a long and exciting life. Nina's journey is far from over but you have given us hope for the future and we are so grateful for that.


Thank you very much for your magnificence!" Read more about Nina, her journey, and private lessons here

Mikayla Duncan - PEPSI/FRUCOR


"Absolutely amazing working with Kimberley & the team from Auckland Dance Company, you completely rocked the CBD flashmob activation of the limited edition MJ Pepsi bottles! Thanks for your hard work and for making it such a memorable day for all!"

Hannah Carson (Director) - MISS WORLD NZ

"Thank you all SO much for being guest performers at Miss World NZ in the weekend. The performance was incredible and the audience loved it!! A big congratulations to you all for getting something so amazing together so quickly for us!


Thank you all so so much for your time - we couldn’t do it without lovely people like yourselves.

It has been such a pleasure to work with you all and we hope to work together soon in the future!"

Graeme Riley (Managing Director) - SAP NZ



"ADC, Kimberley, and Sophie - you took us to a level we really didn't know we could reach and we had fun doing it! You are very special to us here at SAP. Thanks so much."

"The roar we heard while lying on stage at the end of the performance will stay with me forever! Thank you so much for your patience and positivity" - Scott, SAP NZ

"Thank you so much for a truly brilliant experience. I will always remember this!" Richard - SAP NZ

"Sincere thanks from the *entire* SAP team for your tenacity, passion, guidance and belief in our ability to achieve excellence!" John - SAP NZ

Gwendoline Taylor - Actress, HBO's "SPARTACUS"  - DANCE STUDENT

(MJ, Burlesque, Heels)

"My body is destroyed but my soul is on FIRE - after 3hrs of rehearsals with Auckland Dance Company tonight I can finally dance like MJ. #shamon"

Shane & Amy Hodgson - WEDDING DANCE

"ADC choreographed an amazing wedding dance for us. It was definitely the talk of all our guests. Well worth putting in the effort and having at least 6 lessons. We just loved the fact that our choreographer Kimberley was so pumped about making our dance so exciting. She even came to our wedding to see it performed. Amazing lady.....inside and out."



"Thank you so much to ADC/Kimberley for choreographing my talent for Miss Waikato!   I won Best Talent and was crowned as Miss Waikato last night!!"




"Great dance teachers, great class, great moves! A good time :)" - Netball NZ Team Building Dance Session 2016

The Cancer Society NZ - FLASHMOBS



“The Auckland Dance Company provided us with various dancers and dance groups to assist with the Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Day appeal.


From the very start of our conversation with Auckland Dance Company they were enthusiastic, incredibly responsive and professional. Their dancers worked amazingly hard for us, dancing non-stop in allocated hour-slots in central Auckland. Their routines were polished and delivered with the enthusiasm required for this event. Dancing in front of a ‘moving audience’ isn’t easy, but the groups managed to stop foot traffic and create a real buzz at our designated ‘Daffodil Day hub’. We are truly appreciative of their support”.


Cancer Society Auckland.

"I had my first class last night (as in – first ever dance class as well as first ADC class) – and loved it. I have zero skills – but can only get better! For someone going to their first dance class, and turning up to class to find yourself surrounded by people who dance (!!) – Kimberley was absolutely awesome. She put me totally at ease – she was totally inclusive, gave time to all of us at each level of skill, and didn’t for a second let me feel like I was rubbish! Really enthusiastic and positive and she also encouraged a really open and supportive class environment – and the people in my class just picked that up and were really supportive too. I can’t rave enough about her – the best teachers (in any discipline) are ones that love to teach and haven’t lost the passion for what they are teaching. Looking forward to next week!"

Sarah Cooper - DANCE STUDENT



"I just wanted to thank you all before I left for Singapore. Thank you for not only being dance teachers, but also motivators. Thank you for encouraging me all the way.

Being strong myself is not something I'm good at, but you opened the doors wide for me. Dance with you, and Kimberley, feels empowering!


There is a feeling I get after dance classes and I don't know how to describe it..maybe happiness, but not the kind of happiness when someone gives you something - the kind that comes from the inside. Like a light is shining out from inside of her, and she passed it to me.  4 months is a short time, but it's been amazing. I so wish I could continue. ADC will be missed!!" 

"To the entire Team at ADC..


We just wanted to extend our huge thanks for running a superb section with us! It was hugely beneficial to the skaters and coaches who attended and I have received loads of positive feedback from both.


In particular, the coaches comments have been how great it was to hear from your Creative Director Kimberley - such a vibrant, and passionate dancer who we felt we shared a lot in common with. It was amazing to see you work with the skaters and have them respond in such a positive way as they did. It was also really great to hear some of your comments echoed in what we teach to our skaters.... lovely to have someone reiterate some of our core philosophies! As well as bring new fresh ways of looking at things.


We would DEFINITELY love to work with you again. I think help such as yours could be invaluable for our skaters and coaches in NZ alike.


Hope you also enjoyed the experience of seeing what we are doing in the world of artistic skating in New Zealand.  :-)


Again - many thanks, and we would certainly like to keep in touch for future squads/workshops".

Rachael Parkinson-Turner - on behalf of the HP Coaches Commission NZ Artistic Committee


Navmeet Kaur - MISS WORLD NZ

Contestant/Top 3 Talent

"SUPER EXCITED that my talent made it to the top 3 of Miss World NZ! This would not have been possible without the beautiful Kimberley James from The Auckland Dance Company, who believed in me from Day 1. I have no words to describe her energy and passion for dance, she is simply amazing!""

CanTeen NZ

(The Organisation Supporting Young People with Cancer)

"HUGE thanks to The Auckland Dance Company who worked so hard to put on three incredible concerts to fundraise for us. On Sunday Bryall McPherson, Neerali Parbhu and myself went to receive a $5000 cheque from The Auckland Dance Company's hard working dancers/students! Thank you for supporting our young people to stand up and fight their cancer! We are forever grateful."


PHOTO: CanTeen NZ accepting their $5000 cheque from ADC, fundraised by our very own hardworking students, dancers, guest performers and audience at our RISE Dance Shows!

David & Stephanie Bade - WEDDING DANCE

"ADC took us for five lessons for our wedding dance and they were awesome! So enthusiastic, positive and choreographed dance moves that matched our style/ personality. Our wedding dance ended up going off without a hitch (even with Steph's big dress) and everyone loved it!!! Thank you so much to The Auckland Dance Company (especially Kimberley!) for making our first dance truly memorable."


"On a Sunday morning which would normally be my beauty sleep/recharging time, I'm actually up at 7am thinking 'is everything ready to go?! Is there anything else I should do?!' 

Kimberley James, what have u done to me?!

Your firey passion has woken up the flame inside all of us.
Your amazing personality has attracted us to move with u like magnets.

Your ambition has struck us to create a storm using all of our power and energy - this is what you have done.

 And I will be there every step of the way.

See you soon!!"

Sarah & Daniel Minhinnick

 "We had the best time taking wedding dance lessons from The Auckland Dance Company - we both loved it. Very excited for tomorrow!


We cannot speak more highly of ADC."



"Rise was one of my dreams come true!!! Unforgettable night :))"



"Yusss!!! Had an amazing day today..had an epic hip hop class with his royal dancing highness William Kingi and Auckland Dance Company. Love you all xx"