ADC's Lyrical Classes teach a unique semi-contemporary style that tap into the intention, feeling, and meaning of the music. It is open to all levels, including complete beginners with no training necessary - introducing floorwork, leaps, spins and tricks, and choreography, set to beautiful artists such as Florence & The Machine, and to pieces that ADC feel mean something. Songs that make us feel (Billie Eilish, Florence & The Machine, Frank Ocean, Jarryd James & more). 


The Lyrical classes combine a mixture or former dancers (those who've done ballet or gymnastics and want to use those skills on the dance floor in another medium), and those who just want to dance - beginners who want to be present, and learn to express themselves, physically. All welcome, run in a hugely supportive environment.


See our LYRICAL Students dance here, and our Dec students behind-the-scenes, shooting Florence & The Machine's "Shake It Out".

plus check out our 2022 Class Snippets, here

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