S T U D E N T   

Jasmin Good-Arrow
Burlesque/Heels Student
MAY 2021

"I started going to classes at the beginning of 2021.

ADC has been amazing throughout. Not only do the teachers make sure they empower us in class but they also make sure we can use that outside of class, in the real world.


I recently have been able to secure a job because I have been confident enough in interviews (rejections used to tear me down). <You guys have taught me> it's okay if you don't get it right the first time. You pick yourself up and keep going. 

Honestly, the confidence I have gained and new friends during these classes have helped me grow so much as a person this year. I'm even going to do the shoot this year - even though it's scary!

Thank you so much for everything that everyone is doing. A big Thank you to <my teacher> Kimberley who works so hard to empower everyone in her classes. These classes have be invaluable to my life"  


Bryar Renshaw

Hiphop/Heels Student

"I decided to try a trial class with ADC because they sounded like what I was looking for - beginners welcome, classes on a term-by-term basis. I was nervous about being an absolute beginner but everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. I've made some awesome friends, boosted my confidence through the roof, and I'm getting fit! They hold a show once a year and music video shoots in-between that I've been able to participate in which were so much fun. The choreographer and teacher at ADC is all about inclusiveness and helping one another, and she's so motivational. I couldn't recommend ADC more!"

See Bryar dance with our Heels class, shooting in front of a raging bonfire (!), here.

Katy Turner

Lyrical/Heels Student

ADC is a welcoming community for all dance levels. Classes are full of energy and soul! Within the 6 months I have been dancing at ADC I have been presented with opportunities to perform in dance shoots and perform on stage. These opportunities are open to everyone. I have enjoyed every class and dance performance I have been a part of! The dance group I have been dancing with are supportive and we help each other out if there is a dance move that is more challenging to achieve. It has been very enjoyable to grow my confidence in dance while getting to know a talented and kind community of people!

See Katy dance with our Heels class, shooting in front of a raging bonfire (!), here.

Patricia Lui

Hiphop/Heels Student

"ADC has helped me gain so much confidence as a person and as a dancer. I love the energy and warmth that this community brings and I highly recommend anyone to give it a try no matter what experience level you are. I started with no dance training and I have been amazed at my own improvements. The best part about this company is definitely the people. It is clear they are truly passionate and love what they do".

See Patricia dance with our Heels class, shooting in front of a raging bonfire (!), here.

Sara Antononiva

(Squad/Burlesque/Heels Student)

"Honestly, Tuesdays & Wednesdays always make me feels so happy and alive. I am truly grateful to ADC & I'm so excited for Tuesday already! Loving this term." 😘

Sara (pictured far right) dances with our Squad, Heels and Burlesque classes weekly, and has performed in a number of shows, including our latest gig on Waiheke (pictured right.  See Sara dance with us here, and here.

Bailey Dupois

(Burlesque/Hiphop/Technique Student)

"Joining Auckland Dance Company was the BEST DECISION I’D EVER MADE.  Coming to class every week was an absolute joy and a truly game changing experience.

The company is full of absolute GEMS of humans. Some of the most kind, genuine, passionate, humble artists I’ve ever met.

They are a community of people who welcome you in with open arms and hearts.  I am so proud and honoured to have been apart of such a group. Truly!

Book the class! You will NOT regret it.

Thank you guys for everything x"

See Bailey dance with us here, and here.

Bailey now lives in Queenstown and we miss her in class every day!

Bridgette Cashmore 

(Mikala's Mother - Lyical/Hiphop Student, Squad)

"While watching Mikala dance (in the classes) at Auckland Dance Company, I couldn’t be more happy. (Her teacher) Kimberley has been a gift to my daughter.

I have searched for a teacher that inspires -  not only her body to move so beautifully -  but to also nurture her soul, and to encourage her (at ADC), in this wonderful place of expression.

And it’s not just my daughter, but every student who comes to the classes, who are touched by Kimberley’s inspiration, exceptional talent, and enthusiasm.

I couldn’t recommend ADC more highly.  Thank you Auckland Dance Company, for everything you give your students."

Bridgette (Mother of Mikala Cashmore - 13yrs old)

Mikala dances with ADC three nights a week - see her perform with us, here and here.

Veronica Barry

I have been working with ADC and Kimberley for several months now. My journey began when I stepped into ADC's group chair Burlesque class. Feeling incredibly nervous I headed straight to the back row of class. 


Through the group classes my confidence started to grow, and I participated in a show after only 4 weeks. I used to feel like I was too old to start dancing again. Kimberley soon put that idea to rest! 


Following on from that show I was inspired - impressed with Kimberley’s teaching style and choreography, I decided to start one on one lessons. This is where the magic really started to happen, and I have gone from strength to strength. 


It wasn’t just dance we worked on -- Kimberley has been a role model and a mentor. I feel like she really truly believes in me, which is so powerful. 

We don't just work on dance moves and routines --  we work on a whole deeper level than that. We work on my insecurities, my nerves, and my technique. 


Since working with Kimberley I have performed solo in three Burlesque shows up and down the country, and participated in a video shoot. Without her I would never have been on that stage or shoot.  Every time I doubt myself she motivates me and shows me what I am capable of.  I have never met a dance teacher with such a natural flow. Kimberley’s creative talent is more than incredible. I can tell that she works naturally with the music and does not need the count of the beat. Her moves come, flowing to the rhythm of the music. That is real magic. 


For me that is a real dancer. For me that is real creativity, passion, emotion and talent. This is something that only the most talented dancers have.

Thank you, Kimberley, for being so strong that you are able to build strength in others. 


You are a great, great teacher. 


And, for me, you are so much more than that. 


To me, you are a fierce energy - empowering women to be who they really are.  


Thank you.  



Veronica dances in private lessons with ADC weekly. Watch her dance with us, here & here.

Jen de Montalk - Nina's Mother

 Dance Student (14yrs)

"Hi Kimberley, Ali, Hannah, Sophie & the ADC team,

I just wanted to say how incredible RISE was last night. I also wanted to let you know how grateful we are for all the effort you have put into helping Nina. Seeing her use her body as a vehicle to express herself through dance and seeing her self-confidence grow has been a dream come true. The fact she not only performed in six dances but stood there in front of an audience and shared her very personal story is just short of a miracle. 


Her anxiety hasn't been cured, it's likely she will always have to live with it, but her ability to not let it stop her living her life has grown in strength. It takes incredible courage for Nina to do these things in the face of an all-consuming, uncontrollable fear. The fact she was brave enough to feel that intense anxiety and push through and do it anyway is testament to Nina's strength and courage and the incredible efforts of Kimberley, Ali and every member of the Auckland Dance Company. You have been such positive role models and so kind, welcoming and fun.


I was trying to get to sleep last night after the excitement of the show and I was struck by the tenuousness of it all. Imagine if Nina hadn't managed to drag herself out of the car that day. Imagine if Kimberly hadn't been the amazing, unstoppable force of positive energy and determination that she is. I can tell you Nina would be in a very different place today. The truth is you all, in your own ways, some of them small, some of them big, have changed the course of someone's life for the better. You have ignited a spark in my daughter and I hope it'll start a fire that will light her through a long and exciting life. Nina's journey is far from over but you have given us hope for the future and we are so grateful for that.


Thank you very much for your magnificence!" Read more about Nina, her journey, and private lessons here

Cheyenne Welham

"Thank you so much everyone ❤️ This is difficult to put into words, but here goes! The first thing that my family told me after the show, was that they were amazed at how supportive ADC is, how they celebrated each person's individual strengths and how everyone seemed to get along effortlessly. Coming from the (extremely!) competitive rhythmic gymnastics world where everyone was out to get each other, one up each other, knock someone else down the NZ ranking list, bullying (yup, still happens to me even though I've left), stress, favouritism, body image issues etc, it is just simply incredible to me to find a dance studio where EVERY member is kind, supportive and welcoming. So I just want to say a huuuuge THANK YOU to everyone at ADC, especially Kimberley for bringing me out of my shell and proving to all of us that we are capable of anything "

Estelle Taylor

"Hey ADC Fam ☺️ thanks a million for this amazing experience this year so far. The show was incredible and Im so grateful to everyone that helped me back stage in a mad panic to get changed into the next costume. Thanks to the incredible events and costume and creative team that made the show possible. It was so rewarding performing to friends and family like that.

But most importantly thank you all for making me feel so welcome this year. New to Auckland, I hadn't got many friends up here and then I met ADC and you guys are all so gorgeous and kind and lovely! I love and look forward to going to the classes during the week just to see you guys and have fun.

Thanks Kimberley for all the opportunties you have given me this year so far. And getting me to try new things! 💃🏼

Thanks again everyone for such an awesome night and year so far. You are all amazing! Xx"

Estelle dances with us two nights a week, across three different classes, and in her time so far she has appeared in multiple shows and shoots with ADC  - watch her dance here, and here.

Dity Maharaj

"What attracted me to ADC in the first place is the supportive environment that's been advocated by Kimberley which then trickles down to everyone else involved in the ADC family. I keep stressing the word Family, because it truly is. We have fun together, we get stressed, annoyed and laugh together. In the end we know there is only love behind all the "madness"


I was thinking about it when driving home last night. I feel closer to you guys from only a few months of interaction, than any of my work colleagues whom I've worked with for over 8 years. That's saying something. Ohana means Family. Family means... No one gets forgotten, or left behind. Yeh.


Looking forward to Rise! 

Till then Dity is gonna give aerial silk/straps a go. Wish me luck!"



Linkha Pitcher

"Also just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at ADC for being so kind, warm and welcoming! And especially Kimberly for being incredibly supportive and giving me the opportunity to shine and be a part of the team! It is a completely different environment than I am used to and Im still a little bit in awe of how amazing it is and how much my passion for dance has grown. The past few years I've been really struggling with depression and just these couple weeks dancing has really brought so much hope and happiness to my life so thank you all very much <3 <3 "

Watch Linkha out on performance for ADC, here

Mollie Rofe

"Thanks everyone for the great night last night!! You are all amazing! 💗 The last year at ADC has completely reignited my passion and love for dance, which couldn't have been possible without you all, and of course the incredible Kimberley. On the plane now, see you all in 6 months!! 💃🏼💃🏼"

Mollie has danced in multiple shoots and shows for ADC and teaches our technique classes. Watch Mollie dance herehere.

Yana Kulishenko (14 yrs)

"I decided to join Auckland Dance Company about 5 month ago and I am so happy with my decision! Its not like any other dance studio I've ever been to, every single person at ADC is so supportive and kind. There is definitely no need to be worried if you are a beginner. However, if you've done dancing before, you will be challenged (unless you really don't want to, lol). ADC offers a wide range of dance styles (lyrical, burlesque, hip-hop, duets), so I'm sure you will find a style that fits your personality:)

Every week I look forward to dance classes with ADC, because I can express myself through dancing without being afraid of getting judged by other people in the group, because everyone is extremely supportive. It's an easy way to make new friends and boost your confidence.

I performed at ADC mid-winter showcase 2017 (It's optional btw) And IT WAS SO AMAZING OMG!!! I recommend Auckland Dance Company. To be honest, I feel like it's my 2nd family now:)"

Zinnia Dogra

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything. These past few years have been the toughest years of my life - i started at ADC very stressed out and was looking for another reason to procrastinate, obviously - but the underlying fact was that i was a ticking time bomb about to explode, I wanted to thank you because even though I did break, and explode, you managed to save a small flame inside of me from burning out.


Without ADC, I don't know where I'd be today. Thank you for teaching me to be strong again and reminding me to focus on the important things in life. Everybody needs a Kimberley in their lives and i will always be thankful i have you in mine. Finding ADC was the best decision of my life, and i can t wait to see what 2018 brings our way! 


Lots of love, Zinnia xx :O)

Essence Manukuo (14 yrs)

"Hey guys!😊 Awesome show last night! Thanks for all the encouragement you gave Denia and I for our first performance😄 we really enjoyed it last night thanks to the supportive, hyped and awesome people we were surrounded by! 😊 Keep it lit!!🔥✌🏼️"

Nalini Singh

I just wanted to shoot you a quick message to say that I still think of you often, six years on, and your teaching in dance really transformed my life in a big way.


I was going through a really rough period in my life round that time, and ADC classes really saved me; so much more confidence, emotional release and getting-into-the-body; I'm so grateful for your fun, loving and sassy style, always willing to answer my endless questions.


I also faced a lot of trauma growing up, and it's still something I'm working through in a deeper way now, and it strikes me just how instrumental ADC classes were in helping heal that and making it safe for me to inhabit my body. Definitely felt much safer in your classes than other places -  I felt really out of place elsewhere compared to ADC.


I haven't found a place quite like ADC to keep learning from since (I've been travelling all over the world) - you've set an impossible standard to beat! - but I kept dancing intermittently over the years and it's something I'd love to pick up again more formally one day.


You might remember that I did a lot of NGO work nationally and internationally on poverty, climate change and so on, representing the voice of NZ youth across 5 continents and facilitating for, speaking to or engaging with 8000+ changemakers in various fora -- it strikes me now just how many of our global issues are due to fear/scarcity-based living-too-much-in-the-brain-lack-of-connection-with-heart-and-body and how deeply the world needs more spaces where we can learn how to laugh and sing and dance and cry and shout and be human again. ADC is one of those places.


Hope you're well, much love xox

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