Now also providing Digital Packages & Professionally Shot Wedding Dance Video Options

for those who have been hindered by Lockdowns/Guest Restrictions.

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Book your First Dance with one of our experienced choreographers, and create a unique, individual performance that suits both of your personalities & style.  Join some of our amazing couples (above - mostly all beginners with little to no dance experience!) who have worked with us across 2018-2021.

ADC is committed to creating choreographies that are perfect for each specific couple that walks through our doors. Learn a choreography, and/or create a professionally shot & edited video with us, of your Wedding Dance in magical locations across NZ - ready to release to your friends and family whenever you wish to.


Enquire about lessons & digital packages with our Events Team:

Note: we've been having trouble with our events email and it has been bouncing back to us. If you haven't got a reply, please follow up on as we likely did not get your message! - The Team at ADC HQ




Wedding Dance Song:

"Crocodile Rock (Acoustic - Rocketman Movie Version)" - Taron Edgerton


Kauri Bay Boomrock



"Everyone loved (the dance). Thankyou ADC - couldn't of done it without you! Both our parents were so impressed! We were so lucky (pre-lockdown!). We were slightly boozed so Pete threw in an extra spin. Thankfully he didn't drop me! 😂"

Katherine (Mrs Wright) - The Bride

"THAT FIRST DANCE!!! 🔥🔥" - Aisha Zarine (Guest)


MARCH 2021

"The dance was amazing!! Felt so good and I think we blew everyone away!! Will send some pics through once we get the photos back 💕"

Lisa  - The Bride

Their Story:

Lisa and Dan manage the Airport Isolation Facilities in Auckland for the Royal New Zealand Airforce and their relationship has spanned trips Peacekeeping overseas and stints in Israel, Australia, and up and down NZ. They learnt their dance in their 10 days off during long stints helping to keep NZ safe and Covid-free. We salute you guys!



Wedding Dance Song:

"Falling Like The Stars" - James Arthur


The Glasshouse Sandringham

"When my sister Deesha (ADC's Media Person) suggested that we learn a choreographed dance for our wedding, my now-husband’s nerves clicked in straight away - but we were able to convince him to come and give it a try.


From the moment we met our instructor Kimberley James , right up until we performed our dance on the night of our wedding, we felt so comfortable and calm.


Our instructor, Kimberley, took the time to understand who we are as a couple and tailored a dance that completely resonated with us. The song meant a lot to the both of us and she absolutely did it justice, through her choreography.


ADC went above and beyond to accommodate us. From having Kimberley rehearse us at various different locations, getting her to meet us at our venue to review and practise, to finally bringing her positive spirit to watch us perform the dance itself,  Kimberley did it all.


Thank you so much, Kimberley - this experience will forever hold a very special place in our hearts."

Himani - The Bride

Their Story:

Himani and Souf have braved adversity from their families, being of two different religions. Souf's religion doesn't condone dancing, but they decided they would do a wedding dance in spite of this.


Their love has overcome many obstacles, and they have brought peace to each other (and to us) across this stormy year. What a privilege to have taught them both.



Wedding Dance Song:

"Let's Stay Together" - Al Green


The Glasshouse - Sandringham

"ADC - The dance was absolutely perfect! We practised for 15 mins beforehand and then went out there and weren't nervous at all.

Our guests totally weren't expecting it and it was the perfect start to the party part of our night.  We can't thank you enough for everything!

It was just so worth it for us to come to you. When we have the video I'll send it across! xx"

Dipika (The Bride)




Wedding Dance Song:

"Everywhere" - Fleetwood Mac

"It was so amazing! The atmosphere (during the dance) was through the roof!" 


Such a cool dance - seriously cannot thank <our instructor> Kimberley enough!!"


Via email:

ADC HQ: James and I would just like to say a massive thank you.

I was so impressed with the speed you (Lisa) replied. We had many emails going back of forth - working with a policemen schedule is not the easiest! It was super easy booking in lessons.

(Our instructor) Kimberley was warm and friendly and put our nervous minds at ease. Our lessons were so much fun. It was like a date night for us! Kimberley was encouraging, fun, enthusiastic and just a happy and positive, beautiful lady. Learning our dance was just as fun as doing it at our wedding!

On the night, everyone loved it and were cheering and clapping away. Everyone was amazed and thought it was the coolest dance ever!

We will never ever forget our lessons and our wedding…& we were very lucky to just squeak in before all of this Covid19 madness that has shut down the world!

Thank you so much Kimberley for all your time and effort you put into choreographing our dance.

Love Juliana and James

Their Story:

Juliana and James are essential workers - James working as a police officer, and Juliana an early childhood teacher. They managed to skate in right before the first NZ Lockdown Level 4, and blew the roof off their wedding! Now expecting their first child and celebrating their first wedding anniversary - we're so happy for them!



Wedding Dance Song:

"Wild Love " - James Bay


The Glasshouse - Sandringham

"Thank you so much!! Everyone was stunned and enjoyed. Some overly so 😂 There were tears from my Nana. Excitement from Chloe's Nana. Possible tears. And Chloe's Mum ran and hugged us, very excitedly. It felt like we'd won a competition of some sort!"

Keenan (The Groom)

"Our photographer was mind blown and said she got some great pics, and my mum was jumping up and down and saying 'yes, yes, yes!' haha She was crazy! My cousin is getting married in 4 weeks and apparently someone went up to her after our dance and told her to elope because we'd set the bar so high with the dance!" 


Chloe (The Bride)




Location: Wanaka


Wedding Dance Song:

"Shut Up & Dance"- Blended Family Flashmob with Sam's two daughters, and Blair's two daughters


"Hi guys,

The wedding dance was epic! Despite all of us being quite nervous, with the adrenaline of being LIVE it was our best dance yet and it really kick-started the party into another gear.

Thank you so much, Kimberley - you are the best, we love you! x

Sam" (The Bride) - pictured with her family their blended family wedding dance flashmob!




Wedding Dance Song:

"Closer - Six 60

"<In the video of our wedding dance> you can hear one of our friends saying 'they can actually really dance!' 😂 That's when you know you have a good teacher, and it's all because of you guys! 😊


Thank you so much. We had so much fun seeing you guys every week for the build up of our big day! So glad we did you proud!

(Our teacher) Kimberley is a huge asset to the company and I don't think this review or any reviews on here actually do her enough justice. All we can say is - a big thank you, to you, Kimberley. For helping to make our wedding day the best and one to remember for all our guests!


Definitely recommend!" 


Katrina & Whio



Location - Queenstown, NZ

Wedding Dance Song:

"Happy" - Pharrell Williams


"Kimberley - Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into our dance! We couldn't have done it without you xx


Everyone keeps commenting on it!! It was so great - it got the dance floor started straight away because everybody was so excited!" 


Emily (The Bride)

"The dance went down so well! We're so glad we did it - had so much fun doing it as well!"

Wyatt (The Groom)



Wedding Dance Song:

"Sundown" - Six60


"ADC - The dance was amazing! Everyone absolutely loved it!


Thanks!! (We had) so much fun learning the dance, but also actually doing it too! A load of fun! Have sent a low res video but will send the high res one soon!"

Rachel & TK



Location - Malaysia

Wedding Dance Song:

"You & I" - John Legend

performed in front of a thousand strong audience in Malaysia, and with the help of their Bridal Party!


"The dance was perfect! I was literally bouncing off my feet from the excitement afterwards! Afterwards we felt AMAZING and so accomplished! We were so proud of ourselves. ️

Our friends thought the dance was EPIC - we cannot express how thankful we are for your patience in teaching us and having this dance routine to celebrate our wedding! It really was the best day ❤️


We will leave a review of our amazing experience! Thank you for everything and have a wonderful 2020!

Would love to catch up with you, Kimberley, for more life coaching!" 


Melissa & Azriel




"ADC - Thank you so much for such a wonderful dancing experience for our wedding.


Your team are fantastic and we so appreciate all your effort, time and joy for dancing.


We will definitely join future classes and are happy to have found a new friend in Kimberley.


Hannah & Jordan"

Wedding Dance Song:

"A Million Dreams"- Greatest Showman Soundtrack

+ a Disney Musical Flashmob with their friends & family

"Come Alive" - The Greatest Showman

"Kiss The Girl" - The Little Mermaid

"A Whole New World" - Aladdin

Performed atop a helicopter pad at Mudbrick on Waiheke Island!




Songs: "Latch" (Acoustic) - Sam Smith & "A Good Night" - John Legend (for the bridal party flashmob).


Kumeu Valley Estate


"Amazing, Kimberley & ADC - we love you & your work! A huge thank you for all of the time, patience creativity and energy you put into our wedding dance. You did an amazing job with all of us misfits - we had such a fun time! Thank you for being part of our special day. Lots of love, Mr & Mrs Ferris x"

"Best First Dance I've ever seen - and we've seen hundreds and hundreds of Wedding Dances". 

-Annette Simpkins (Kumeu Valley Estate, Owner)

“Thanks for being amazing teachers! Last night was so incredible in every way. So, thank you." - Nawar (Bridesmaid)



Song: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - The Jersey Boys

"We had an amazing team backing us and that was all of you - our ADC Team 🙌🏻 


You guys all are angels. You have all done so much for us and have been a huge help. We couldn’t have done it without ya!!

And our (Wedding Dance ) tutor Kimberley? Now that women is a legend and a talent!!

So much ❤️ for you all xx"

Tenille & Shane




Songs: "Fever" - Michael Buble & "Crazy In Love" - Beyonce


"Hey guys,


Just letting you know our dance was a massive hit - people haven't stopped talking about it!


We had a run through the day before so were feeling confident but still nervous!  But as soon as we started we both just had a really good time! Was a highlight of the day for sure.


Thanks so much! Will send some videos through when we get hold of them! xx

Annika & Stephen (Abercrombie)



Song: "It's Time" - Imagine Dragons <Acoustic>

"Everyone loved [our dance], and we think that we did really well too!   According to Sarah, the dance was 'perfect'!  Kimberley's advice [for the day and the dance] was perfect and everyone said that the dance was awesome!"

- Thomas (groom)

"We're so proud of ourselves. It was so amazing - thanks so much! All our friends and family came up to us through the night saying how good it was!"

- Sarah (bride)



Song: "Tonight" - John Legend



"ADC helped us with our wedding dance - and we're so glad they did! Our wedding guests went wild and some were in shock as we had kept it a secret until the day! My sister was in tears as she was so amazed and loved it so much! 

We initially weren't sure whether we wanted a choreographed dance or not, and we asked Kimberley at first to show us a simple wedding waltz just so that we didn't look totally left-footed. She guided us through our song choice, we gradually built up some moves and we ended up with an amazing dance that we had no idea we'd have been capable of just a few weeks prior! 

She is a fantastic teacher, really customized the song and dance to our own personalities and we were laughing and having so much fun every lesson. Even if we didn't have a wedding coming up - it was worth it to try something new and really felt we achieved our goal together."



Song: "Just You & I " - Tom Walker (acoustic)


"Saaaah good 👏🏻 Oh my goodness - LUKE AND CAT KILLED IT! <Kimberley> You are incredible. What an amazing thing that they will be able to hold onto for the rest of their lives! Thank you so much to you and the ADC team." - Jessie (Sister of the groom, and MC)

"YOU TWO. [The dance] was basically a Dancing With The Stars final blended with the cuteness of the Dirty Dancing movie. Amazing!!" (Cadia - friend of the bride & groom)

"10/10 brought the house down. Here's to many more years ripping up the d-floor."​

- Luke (Groom)

"We are watching the vid for the 100th time and laughing so much at everyone's gasps and shocked noises. It was truly the best! Thank you for all the wonderful teaching!! We are definitely getting to ADC classes!! 😍🙌🏼"

- Catherine (Bride)



Song: "Holding You" - Stan Walker and Ginny Blackmore (acoustic)


"(Our Wedding) Dance was epic!


... Everything was perfect all day!!  Sophie said it was the best day of her life and like a fairy tale. So it was mine too... Everyone had the best comments and lots of tears. They’d said best wedding dance they had ever seen!  


Kimberley?: Best coach ever"




Song: "Cheek to Cheek" - Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald


"Thank you so much for your massive effort. it was totally worth it. (One of our guests) needed to reset herself, she was not 100% sure if it was real or not. 😂


Totally priceless. Worth every cent. And every drop of sweat".

- Marie & Gareth


"The dance was incredible - especially to see Gary (Mr Two Left Feet) absolutely nail it!

To quote Gary's Dad: "That wasn't my son - he must have a stunt double"

- Paul Manning (Wedding Guest)




"Dear ADC Team,


We were really happy <with our dance> and everything went as planned. Thank you for getting us prepared!


All in all, our guests loved the dance and we had a lot fun doing it.  We had an amazing day and have very fond memories.  We thank you heaps for all your help and sweaty dance sessions & we hope you're enjoying the wedding season!


Much love,


Kristina & Andre (Schorr)"




"(The dance) was so goood!! Whew.

We were quite wobbly when we were practising beforehand (on the day)​. Regretting the sips of drink we'd had earlier! But when it came to show time it was so amazing. Having everyone clapping and cheering gave us such good vibes [and made us smile!!].


I felt it was the best performance we've ever done!

- Katy & Stu

(Song: "Unthinkable" - Alicia Keys)

Watch beautiful excerpts of their day, here.



"Everyone was really shocked (about how good we were!). We kept playing the video back to ourselves as well 😂 The dance was really the highlight and the most fun part (of the day).

Thanks to Kimberley James from Auckland Dance Company for being the most amazing dance teacher 😍"

Julie & Peter (Hosking)

Song: "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" - Frankie Vallie

"Well that’s got to be the best wedding dance I’ve seen, awesome!! Thanks for having us guys!! "

The Renegades (Wedding Band)




Kim: "Kimberley was outstanding. Every lesson was full of laughter and fun even when she thought she was being a drill sergeant. Had a blast doing the lessons and the dance on the day. Definitely will miss our lessons with her!!"

Antony: Thanks guys! Couldn’t of done it without Kimberley’s amazing talent and teaching skills. Kim and I already kinda missing our dance lesson date nights!"



"The first thing Jeremy said after we got married was - how are you going to dance in that dress!?!😂

The day was perfect. Can't wait to send you guys photos!"

- Kirsten & Jeremy

Song: "Love Someone" - Lukas Graham

"One of the highlights of the day was an epic first dance – Kirsten & Jeremy's beautifully choreographed first dance was amazing!  Some pretty incredible lifts in there"

- Perspectives Photography




"The dance went off a treat and set the mood for a night of cutting shapes and having fun on the dance floor. We were really stoked with how it all went. 


Thank you all so much for your support, expertise and encouragement!! You really helped us bring out the essence of the characters and the story. Also for helping us perfect those body rolls...will be using those all over the place now!! Could not recommend you guys enough!"

Brent and Anna

(aka P Swayze & Baby)"

"(I've Had) The Time of My Life" - Dirty Dancing




"Have your Wedding Dance choreographed by Auckland Dance Company. You will be working with an understanding, world class professional, and much more.


(Our Wedding) was a beautiful dream. We still cannot believe it.


Thank you, ADC, for being part of the dream" ❤️



Jason & Michelle







"Thanks, ADC!! Was the best day ever... We had the most fantastic time learning and doing our dance, totally made it that (our tutor) Kimberley came too!!! Thanks again so much! 


Hope you guys have a great Christmas and see you in the new year for sure!  


Will send you the video and pics too when we get them x"

- Steph & Ben (Addison)

Song: "Love On Top" - Beyonce

"Was the best wedding dance we'd ever seen and we've seen 

a lot of weddings."

- Photographer Bayly & Moore





"Hi ADC team,


Thank you so much!!!  We are back from honeymoon now and had the most wonderful wedding day.  The dance went down very well and we were really happy with it - thank you so much for all the support, choreography, training and encouragement. 


Can't thank you enough, we were just so thrilled with everything.


Love, from Us

Carly & Andy (Falconer)"


Song: "All Of Me" - John Legend



"The dance was so fabulous and we had so many compliments. We had a blast doing the dance. Willow absolutely nailed her bit! Big smile on her face and she went to wow the crowd!)

-Becky & Luke Bowman (who danced in a blended family choreography featuring Luke's 7 year old daughter Willow)

Song: "Latch" - Disclosure feat. Sam Smith 


​"I loved the way their little girl Willow was included in multiple aspects of this wedding - even the First Dance.  As a person who grew up in a blended family, it brought back a lot of wonderful memories.  At times it can be a little overwhelming and difficult to process the enormity of your feelings when you're a child. It was a perfect reminder that our hearts only grow with love".

Greg Campbell - Wedding Photographer.




"It was great - massive day.  Hannah did so well! Everyone loved it and were so blown away. Thanks (ADC) for helping us get there!" - Seth

"Seth did very well and everyone was super impressed with all the lifts!! Said it was like watching Dancing With The Stars!!   ADC - Thanks so much for all your help!"  - Hannah

Song: "WILD" - Troye Sivan




"Our wedding exceeded our expectations. We were blown away by the day Everyone loved the dance! ... Thanks Kim 😍you are an amazing teacher. Dan said last night that he's going to miss our dance lessons. ... Once i get the photography back next month i'll send you guys some more pictures!"

Song: "Stuck On You" - Lionel Richie




"Thank you for helping us pull off a spectacular wedding dance! Our friends and family are still talking about it. It was truly epic. Kimberly was a fantastic teacher. Her enthusiasm for our dance and song really made the experience even more enjoyable. 


We feel more confident dancing together in general now and still cannot believe what we managed to pull off on the day. As a couple of people who 'could not dance' we couldn't be happier :)


Thank you!"

Song: "Nothing Else Matters" - Metallica (!)

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