All venues are 5-7 minutes drive from Auckland CBD and situated 30 seconds from either Kingsland train stations and/or main bus routes. The area is safe, lit, and generally with free off-street parking. Call Auckland City Transport or visit for bus/train details. 

400 New North Road, Kingsland

Trinity Hall is on the corner of New North Road and Sandringham Road directly opposite the Bond St bridge, next to Atomic Cafe. It is 5-7 minutes from the central city and Auckland University (by car, traffixc dependent) and most Symonds St buses should take you to New North Road. It is also a minutes walk from the Kingsland Train Station.


Accessible by bus and train, call (09) 3666400 or check out for regular bus and train timetables. 

There are 5 or 6 complimentary parks in front of the Trinity Centre (under the awning, on the footpath), but they go quickly, so get there early to grab a space. Alternately there is street parking in Kingland (paid $2/hour until 6pm or 9pm depending on where you park). 


The hall is a creamy, yellowy building, and will be open just before class begins (so don't arrive too early!). Music will likely be playing, so follow the music to find the classes!

If you get there early and no-one is there, someone will be to open up and other students will show up within ten minutes of classes starting, and you can go inside and warm up!

Look for the outdoor signage!

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