Behind the scenes of "PRAYING"

There’s no better way to celebrate a NZ Summer than a shoot at Bethell’s Beach. 

Over the years we’ve been able to give our students the opportunity to shoot in places like New Caledonia, Lake Tekapo in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, in beautiful studios like Thievery Studio, and at our favourite diner Federal Delicatessen.   It was a privilege to take our Lyrical students to the rolling sand dunes at Bethells Beach and shoot out in the wild NZ wilderness - complete with sand in the eyes, spider bites, and climbing the dunes as the sunset.

The full choreography showcases a song that we as a company felt really strongly about.  At ADC, every Lyrical song is chosen because of where we think we can take our movement - expressing the full emotion of each piece, delving deep into our own experiences, or pulling on the emotions of others. It’s one thing to learn to dance,  but another to full be able to express what the song really means to us. 

This piece is dedicated to every person that has ever, or is currently, finding their personal strength - and bringing their own thunder - to their lives and situation. We stand with you.

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