ADC recently performed as the final act of Miss World NZ - helping to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House and the building of the centre's proposed basketball court. ADC commend the fantastic team at Miss World NZ for creating such a wonderful environment for young women, and encouraging community service - with contestants raising thousands for a deserving charity. The Team at ADC HQ thanks all those in front of, and behind the scenes, at Miss World NZ.


Recently released ADC video "STAY", performed by The Auckland Dance Company Development Squad, seeks to shine a light on the damage domestic abuse can cause, and encourages viewers to seek help from the Refuge should they feel lost, alone, or in danger. ADC believes that dance is a powerful and positive medium for change, and seeks to send messages of hope and help to let others know that they are never alone, no matter how hopeless things may seem.

View the performance, here.


Over the past five years, Auckland Dance Company has raised $10,000 through their RISE Dance Shows for their chosen charity CanTeen NZ (the NZ organisation supporting young people with cancer). Through these shows, ADC have also given many deserving CanTeen members the opportunity to perform on stage with professionals and students alike, allowing them to showcase their dance talents and raise awareness for a fantastic cause.


The money raised through the RISE Dance Shows have gone towards entertainment and activities for their members including X-Box gaming consoles for their hospitalised patients, contributing towards CanTeen HQ (a space for members to go and relax/unwind), Winter Camps, Laser Strike, dance workshops and much more. ADC also donated a DJ Hero Console to CanTeen and their members, performed for the SkyCity Breakers in aid of CanTeen, and participated in their Bandanna Challenges dancing across Auckland City.


ADC have benefited greatly from the interactions between students, performers and CanTeen members. We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has been part of RISE over the past five years, or who has helped support RISE and CanTeen through their talent, hard work, and participation.



Auckland Dance Company are also proud to support Cure Kids and The Cancer Society (Daffodil Day Flash mobs) in various performances and events, and organised a  "Burlesque" dance movie fundraiser in support of the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

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