Combining sass, energy and sensuality, learn choreography with a sexy spin.  Channel your inner Beyonce, bring out your confidence to commercial music (eg Camilla Cabello, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Ariana, and more, as well as getting fit, toned and more confident.


Our Heels/Commercial classes are run by our Creative Director Kimberley James. Kim has danced and choreographed for American Express (AMEX), Sony Pictures, Calvin Klein (CK2), and Flight Centre/Air New Zealand and many more. She focusses on not only choreography, but style  - attitude, and developing a dancer/student's charisma and stage presence (even those who are too nervous to get onto a stage!).


She is a supportive, passionate dancer and teacher, but is also a power house on the dance floor. Watch Kim and one of her ADC Heels/Commercial class dance, here.


Please note, no heels required. No dance experience required. Just attitude.


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