March has been another massive month for us here at ADC. We've helped one very special lady propose in the beautiful Devonport (see a snippet of our squad creating a spectacle, here ), set up an incredible Bridal Party flashmob for our talented former Event Manager Gillian - who you may recognise from ADC videos such as Partition and Stay) and sent 10+ wonderful couples out for their First Dance! Congratulations to all of you for nailing your performances! We're so proud of every one that worked so hard to create something so special with us. Such a privilege to be a part of your big days.

The newlyweds Kirsten & Jeremy Waho

Julie and Peter on the floor during their First Dance

The lovely Jason and Michelle

Gillian and Simon's Bridal Party - rehearsals the day before the wedding

On top of that, we also celebrated in 70s boho style over March, greeting guests atop a private boat as they pulled onto shore of their private jetty on beautiful Waiheke Island. Sending twelve dancers and a crew over was truly a gig of a lifetime and tons of fun under the hot summer sun.

Our dancers on the private Jetty on the beautiful Waiheke Island

Our ADC performers helped one special client celebrate love, all the while supporting each other across an emotionally challenging weekend - with news of the Christchurch tragedy just the day before. Was such a blessing to be with each other in rehearsals when the news broke, and surrounded by positivity and love, during such a difficult time,

Group Classes

Being able to dance it out with each other in LYRICAL class that week was so therapeutic for us all, responding to the grief and confusion that we all felt. See what the students achieved after only one hour on John Mayer's "Gravity", in response to the attacks, using art and music as therapy.

It really solidified for us the community that we are so lucky to have, and the welcoming environment that we have fostered since Day One. Dance and music are such universal languages, and it draws an incredibly diverse range of people - in age, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, height, weight - it just binds people together. It's beautiful to be able to provide that safe space for people. To be themselves, and leave all their cares on the dance floor.


Our Heels girls nailed 3 separate choreographies (incl. Pineapple Skies - Miguel, Dancing With a Stranger - Sam Smith) and we talked to them about motivation, determination, and self confidence throughout the term. Thank you to all of our girls who really brought the energy and motivation in class. We appreciate you! See snippets of class, (the girls performing Pineapple Skies - Miguel at the end of course), here

Hip Hop showed that our ADC instructor Yana is unstoppable. We're proud of the girls that stuck at the complicated choreography, week after week, nailing it right at the end! In this 2019 digital culture, everything is so instant, and it takes work to get better, evolve and grow as a dancer. Self motivation is required and it really shines through those who push through the hard part and come out the other side. What you put in, is what you get back. See some of our Hiphop girls nailing it, here.

Yana performing at our mid year Zeal show

In Lyrical we nailed a Billie Eilish track (again) - man, we love her. And them. See our Lyrical class dance to Bury a Friend , here. Billie Eilish is such an inspirational musician, with such a vast array of music to work with, and she's recently performed in NZ live to sold out crowds. Watch Bad Guy, here - we've been so inspired by her.

And Squad? Well, Squad were just Squad. Amazing. Every time.

We've welcomed back Squad dancers from 2014 (Nicky & Lucy) who performed with us in front of thousands for Air New Zealand and Flight Centre at Spark Arena, flashmobbed for PEPSI, who performed non-stop for hundreds and hundreds of rugby fans for the Bledisloe Cup Fan Trail, and entertained multiple sold-out audiences at our Mid-Year Show at Libertine.

Nicky performing at The Bledisloe Cup Fan Trail

Lucy performing at Lucy Lawless' Mansion with Squad back in 2014!

It's incredible to have them back, as well as welcoming Izzy and Sara to the team - super positive and motivated, they're like sunshine in the studio.

Squad rehearsing for our Waiheke gig

It's going to be a great year with multiple opportunities coming up (see more about this, soon). And see Squad, light up the floor, here.

Weddings #MatrimonyMarch

It's an honour to be part of so many people's big day - choreographing bespoke routines to Miguel, John Legend, Sam Smith, Louis Armstrong, Major Lazer & more. We get such a vast array of personalities and people asking us to create something for them, which means a very different and diverse set of wedding dance preferences, and some incredible performances!

See some of our fave wedding dance testimonials, and couples, here. And to book yours, email the team at .



Apart from that, we've been back in the Skate Rink prepping the top skaters of Australasia for the Worlds, and Izzy and Kimberley have been in at Bayfield School making sure the kids are getting prepped for their Hiphop appearance at RISE this year.

And, on top of that classes have started for April and they're looking incred.

See Lyrical and Heels/Burlesque Fusion rocking Term 2, Week 1.

Man, #ADCsAutumnSeasonOfDance is going to be amazing.

#JoinTheMovement here: email for more info.

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