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I usually find that dance is my escape, but staying at home and having my kids climb all over me while I dance, I can't get the same feeling as being in a physical dance class with you guys! Please help!

For those of you that use dance as a *physical* escape from the kids and from work, and all of that good stuff: never fear! We will have pre-recorded teaching supplements and live and online classes that you can access anytime, from any where. Outside of the house if you need to, or while the kids are asleep (!) with a step by step choreographed guide to each Live lesson, or modules that you can access separately. You can purchase these as a dance module or by signing up to our Live classes where they will be automatically be sent to you each week to pull from.

What is your protocol in the next couple of weeks depending on what Alert Level we're in?

As we move out of Alert Level 4 and Level 3 and transition into Level 2 we will be holding physical classes as well as streaming our classes online Live for those who either a) want to escape from home or b) join from the comfort of their own location/bubble. These will also be accompanied by pre-recorded choreographic videos to help you if you had trouble in class or at home (laggy internet, laggy music). This will be shot from front and back, to help you figure out your lefts from rights!

We realise classes like music and drama might work well online, but how does dance work from my child, with all the formations? How will you guys work around this over an online class and will it be worth learning online if our kids cannot do this?

Online classes are fantastic tools for kids to not only learn their choreography individually but also learn their counts properly and to not copy others (which often happens in physical classes). We are finding that online classes are empowering kids and adults to not only know their moves inside out but also bring individual strength and knowledge to their dances. This is a fantastic tool to use within Level 4 and 3 and with the new announcements from the goverment, we envisage that the last two weeks of the 8 week courses (starting April) can be done physically in person. This means all kids and students can learn their individual choreography online, and their formations physically in class, nearer to the end of the course. This is what we usually do as we head towards performance, so is proven to work well.

I'm a bit fearful of leaving home and to come into the classes, for obvious reasons - what options do you have for me?

We completely understand what a difficult time this is for some! It's been an unprecedented time in history! We're so thankful to have dance as an outlet to express and shake the stress of every day life off! As outlined in Question 1, we will provide a step by step choreographed lesson via pre-recorded videos, so you can access either through enrolling in our Live classes (which will be streamed Live and you can attend from home) or via a module, which you can purchase in our new digital wonderland (launching shortly). These will automatically be sent to you on sign up.

I'm finding it financially difficult but would really like to join a class? Do you have options for me

We understand this has been a tough time for people, and don't want this to be a reason to hinder your access to dance. Please email our accounts team accounts@aucklanddnance.co.nz, to apply for how we can manage your enrollment and payment - we can do this through part payments and AP's or through our new Scholarship section which will offer classes to those in need.

Below are some questions we've had, surrounding our online classes and the changes since COVID-19. We hope they help you too!

I'm a little daunted about joining a class. I've never done a dance class before or only danced breifly when I was younger. Will I be out of my depth or will I be left behind?

Not at all. A lot of our students start off as absolute beginners (particularly at the beginning of the year) and we aim to work them to a level they are comfortable at (to the best of each individual's abilities) over the course of 8 or 10 weeks. All levels are welcome (including complete beginners) and all of our classes are set in a non-intimidating, friendly,supportive environment. Dance is like learning a new language. We don't expect you to know what you're doing straight away, and it takes dedication and practise to get steadily better - even for those that have done a lot of dance in one style, or none at all. That's what ADC here to do -to teach, support, and take you places you never thought you were capable of reaching! Courses are also formulated specifically in an 8 week/8 hour structure as in our experience it takes one hour, once a week, for 8 weeks to really make great progress. Come along to a first-class trial and see what you think! There is no obligation to join a full course and our tutors are great. Book here: www.aucklanddance.com/book-online

I want to try a class before deciding what dance style/course I want to do, if I want to do one at all. Can I do this?

You absolutely can. We offer first-class, one-off trials for new students or students new to a particular style. You can pay a casual fee, and if you choose to continue with the course, balance is payable before week two. Just come along and see if you like it! Due to high demand for all classes, booking is essential, even if it's just for a one-off trial. Contact us to book a trial class today!

What do I wear to class?

Whatever you feel comfortable moving in. A lot of our students wear gym gear, or trackpants, activewear, tees and singlets - there is no need for specific dancewear, mid-riff tops or special dance shoes - just whatever you feel comfortable in is fine!

What shoes do I wear? Do I need to wear Heels?

Not at all - not even for our Heels classes! Students tend to wear whatever they feel comfortable in and heels are not compulsory by any means! Most students prefer to wear sneakers and bring along heels if they wish to practise in them in class, or later in the term. It is completely up to the student's personal preference. If you do choose to wear heels, make sure they are supportive and won't slip off (heels with straps, or boots are always a good choice). Thicker heels are safer to wear as they are better to keep good balance while executing your dance moves!

I want to do the heels class but I don't want to wear heels! Do I have to?

Not at all (see above).

We would like to hire you for an event. What can you offer?

Our dancers are event-ready with professional costumes, set and performers. All we need to know is your budget, theme and event location/audience as soon as you can get it to us! The earlier you book your event with us, the better suited our performances will be for your event, but we can also arrange last-minute performances with enough notice. As our dancers are frequently booked it is great to contact us to book as soon as you can.

I want to perform in your show as an outside vocal or dance act. How do I do that?

Our event team look at audition tapes all the time and are open to finding new and fresh talent. Send your showreel or a recording of your performance to us and we will send it through to our directors for perusal.

I want to perform in your show but haven't performed before or don't think I'm that good! Can I still do it? Is it scary?

A lot of our students start off as absolute beginners and we work them towards performance level over the course of 8 or 10 weeks. Everybody is welcome and all of our classes are set in a non-intimidating, friendly environment. Our classes are there to help take you to another level of dance -helping you to get steadily better through practice and dedication. Contrary to popular belief, people don't just become performance-ready in a week, or even a month! It takes time, dedication and practice & we schedule and mould our classes to this, accordingly. Rest assured, ADC will provide a safe, inspiring and motivating environment to help push you to whatever level you want to get to - whether that be for a show, a performance at professional level, or simply a dance for your school/work, spouse, function or wedding!

I don't want to perform but I want to learn to dance. Can I just come and learn but not perform?

Absolutely! Performance opportunities occur for students who want to be part of them, generally mid-year and end of year, with some exceptions. You can come along to any class and there is no obligation to perform, even if you do a specific performance course. Performances are there simply to motivate and bring students to a point where they feel like they've really pushed their own limits. None are compulsory and most students only make up their mind about performing mid-course. Some courses aren't for performing at all, and are just to learn and improve at your own pace and for your own personal gain.

I want to join the Development Squad. How do I do this?

All of our dancers are inducted through our ADC classes, by invite only. We do not audition, as such. Our choreographers scout ADC classes and the best way to join is to be seen executing well across a number of different styles. As our Development Squad are required to be fluent in a number of styles, and in particular able to execute our choreographers technique, quickly and well, it is worthwhile to train in as many styles with ADC as possible. Hard work is the only true way to get into the squad, a great attitude, an ability to work well with others, passion, diligence and an easy-going attitude. We assess dancers on many different aspects, so come along to a class and introduce yourself to our teachers!

Who are your tutors?

Check out our faculty page for more information on our amazing teachers and staff!

What is Lyrical? Is it ballet? Is it contemporary? Will I need to have done these styles before to do a class?

Not at all. Our Lyrical classes are open to anyone, including absolute beginners. No dance background is necessary. Check out our Class Descriptions page to find out more!

I am an adult - are your classes only for kids - am I too old?

Our classes are for all ages, and you'll be in good company with in all of our evening classes. The classes range from 14 to 50 and age has never been an issue for anyone attending. You're never to old to dance, or too old to start. Book a class, and come and see for yourself! It's a great, uplifting, and supportive community for anyone, and everyone.

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