It feels like the Earth is fighting back.  

Our students at Auckland Dance Company can feel it. And our choreographers are creating around it. 

From Cyclone Gita, ravaging it's way through the islands, to the protests at Standing Rock in North Dakota, to Trump and his famously anti-climate change stance - the world is reeling at what we have done to it and now, more than ever, it's time for us to fight for it.

Words aren’t always easy. Fighting back isn’t always so straight forward. But through art, we can take that energy and give it direction.  Even more so, dance provides space to grow and work as the powerful collective that we are. Although often forgotten.

"Earth Song" represents a strong current issue felt by the masses. Our planet and it’s growing struggle. Recently our team visited Hanoi, Vietnam. With seas drowning in litter, streets soaking in scraps, and the lack of education surrounding it, it was a heartbreaking trip. A world apart from New Zealand. 

Holding ADC's workshop in Hanoi our Creative Director Kimberley was moved to use our art to share a message of change. Earth Song was taught to Vietnamese dancers, at Le Cirque Dance Company in Hanoi (a studio with a great backstory for another time!), her communication met with empowerment, and consequently brought back to Auckland. 

Watch this finished piece, here and more videos in ADC's Video Gallery

For more resources on how to change the world, watch An Inconvenient Sequel , visit A Plastic Free NZ , and watch Before The Flood on Netflix.

Join us in the fight, and in classes - LYRICAL starts Tuesday 20th February, 2018.


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