A style specifically formulated to encourage body confidence, combining cardio with chairs, arm and floorwork, with hair flicks, body rolls and more. Open to all levels including complete beginners - using a combination of high energy music, and sensual slow pieces to artists like Rihanna, Beyonce, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and more. Check out our latest shoot with our Burlesque/Heels class, here

Our Burlesque/Heels Fusion classes are run by our Creative Director Kimberley James. Kim has danced and choreographed for American Express (AMEX), Sony Pictures, Calvin Klein (CK2), and Flight Centre/Air New Zealand and many more. She focusses on not only choreography, but style  - attitude, and developing a dancer/student's charisma and stage presence (even those who are too nervous to get onto a stage!).


She is a supportive, passionate dancer and teacher, but is also a power house on the dance floor. Watch Kim and one of her ADC Heels/Commercial classes dance, here.

And watch one of our Heels Dance Shoots (Behind The Scenes) here - with 2020's December Heels class (a range of different levels who worked their way up to an optional shoot).


Please note, no heels required. No dance experience required. Just attitude


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